Some Creative Uses of Cardboard Boxes

Step-One-Cardboard-BoxAccording to a report, about 90 % of shipping items, while being moved, are packed in the cardboard boxes. Hence, it is an easy assumption that majority of items inside and outside your home and office must have been once packed in the cardboard boxes. Now many of us have the habit of storing these cardboard boxes in the attic because of the apparent reason that these boxes can be used again for moving purposes. However, many of us do not have any idea that these boxes can actually contribute in several expensive household tasks without expenditure of extra penny. All you need to be is a little creative. You can surely get help from our most common and best friend; internet.

Below are some ideas which can help you in making use of cardboard boxes other than moving items.

Cardboard Playhouse

We often bring our children the loads of toys which they can’t even figure out what to do with. Especially toddlers only know about throwing the toys everywhere to make a mess of the room. With the help of big cardboard boxes, you can build playhouses where you can keep all of the children’s toys. There are many playhouse decorative ideas which wouldn’t take more time while being implemented. These playhouses wouldn’t only limit the playing area for your kids but the decorative arrangement inside the playhouse would itself be a toy.

Cardboard Boxes for Storing Items

Perhaps one of the best uses for cardboard boxes is to use them for storage. You would surely have closets having several shelves inside but placing items on the shelves sometimes get risky as the items can fall down when the place get overburdened. The ideal practice is to contain items in the cardboard boxes and place those boxes in the closets. Everything would surely seem pretty contained.

Check for leakage under the car

It is pretty difficult to figure out the exact spot of oil leakage under the car when you see oil spots on t6he garage floor. Moreover, different oils have different colors and recognizing those colors sometimes seems the only way to know about the problem. The easy solution to this problem is to place the cardboard sheet under the car for a night. The oil spots on that cardboard would help in recognizing the exact problem in no time.

Avoid Choking Hazards

Children safety is something for which parents normally don’t care about the cost. Here, cardboard can help in a kind of safety measurement which can turn out to be priceless. The cardboard at the end of tissue paper roll is usually thrown away while there is a use of it that can help in avoiding the choking hazards. The diameter of cardboard rolls is commonly 1.5-inches. You can use this cardboard as an apparatus to check the size of children toys. If the toy passes through the length of that cardboard roll, it means the toy can do the same with the child’s throat.

Cardboard Crafts

The best thing about crafty people is that they know how to make decorative items using the pieces of trash. If you are wondering how it can be done, you only need to search on the web and you will find out how the cardboard boxes, which you are planning to throw away, can actually contribute in the room’s better decoration.

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